RIC temp #2

Temp №: 2
Reign Claudius II
Person Claudius II
Mint Milan
Issue 1
Issue name Donativum
Datation c. September 268
Denomination Gold medallions of 5 aurei
obverse reverse
Obverse coin Revers coin
Obverse mark Reverse mark –/–//–
Bust code B1* (aegis) Reverse code Concordia 3a
Bust description Bust right, laureate, cuirassed, with part of aegis on left shoulder Reverse description Concordia stg. facing, head r., holding standard in each hand.

Note On the l. of cuirass, Emperor on horseback riding r. spearing; on the r., facing and bearded head of Phobos. A beardless Phobos-head is seen in profile on aegis.
This reverse die is shared with some gold medallions of 8 aurei (no. 1).
Reference Huvelin 1986, 50
RIC1st 1 corr.

Specimens of this coin type
Location Reference Quantity Weight Axis Remark
Paris (BNF-Lava 7) (analyse Barrandon 21) Lava 2011, 47 1 25.00 12 photo
Vienna (37330, Bachofen von Echt 2190) Huvelin 1986, 50 = Gnecchi 1, pl. 3, no. 8 1 26.13 12 photo