RIC temp #2470

Temp №: 2470
Reign Aurelianus
Person Aurelianus
Mint Uncertain Balkan mint
Issue 1
Issue name Phase 2
Datation end 271 – autumn 272
Officina 1
Denomination Antoniniani
obverse reverse
Obverse coin Revers coin
Obverse mark Reverse mark –/–//A
Bust code F4 (w/o point) Reverse code Emperor and Woman 1
Bust description Bust right, radiate, cuirassed and draped with paludamentum, holding spear without visible point over left shoulder Reverse description Female figure stg. r., crowning Emperor in military dress stg. l., holding spear (or long sceptre) in l. hand.

Note Rauch, Auction Numismata 2011, 15/IV/2011, 396.
Same pair of dies. Same obverse die as coins with R/ LIBERT AVG -/-//-, CONCORDIA MILITVM -/-//dolphin l. gamma, IOVI CONSER -/-//B (issue 2)
RIC1st 401 var.

Specimens of this coin type
Location Reference Quantity Weight Axis Remark
Ph. Gysen collection (Inv.86) 1 3.45 6 photo
P.-F. Jacquier collection 1 6 photo
Rauch, Auction Numismata 2011, 15/IV/2011, 396 1 3.45 photo