RIC temp #1739

Temp №: 1739
Reign Aurelianus
Person Aurelianus
Mint Rome
Issue 8
Issue name Phase 1
Datation spring – summer 274
Officina 2
Denomination Aureliani
obverse reverse
Obverse coin Revers coin
Obverse mark Reverse mark XXI/S//(lion l.)
Bust code B1 Reverse code Sol 2g
Bust description Bust right, radiate, cuirassed Reverse description Sol stg. l., with r. hand raised and holding globe in l. hand, r. foot resting on a bound captive in oriental dress std. l.; on the other side, another bound captive in oriental dress std. r., head turned l.

Reference LV 743-4
RIC1st 62
Specimens of this coin type
Location Reference Quantity Weight Axis Remark
London (1859 11-29-4) 1 4.04 6 photo
Vienna (55192, Voetter) 1 4.59 12 photo
Vienna (55193, Rohde) 1 3.33 5 photo
Verona (La Venèra) LV 743 1 3.35
Verona (La Venèra) LV 744 1 3.66 6 photo
Collection privée 1 photo