RIC temp #1310

Temp №: 1310
Reign Divo Claudio
Person Divo Claudio
Mint Cyzicus
Issue 1
Issue name
Datation c. early 270
Denomination Antoniniani
obverse reverse
Obverse coin Revers coin
Obverse mark Reverse mark –/–//–
Bust code A1 Reverse code Pyre 1
Bust description Head right, radiate Reverse description Funeral pyre with three tiers, and two figures stg. on the second level.

Note Rauch 22, 2/III/2006, 717.
Normanby p.142, 75 cites 2 such coins in Cop, but the only coin with this reverse in Cop has 3 pellets.
Specimens of this coin type
Location Reference Quantity Weight Axis Remark
Verona (La Venèra) LV 10921 1 3.82 6 Pellets? photo
Berlin (28722) 1 2.85 6 Number of pellets uncertain photo
Bavai 1
eBay, 2197135329 1 Pellets? photo
Rauch, 22, 2/III/2006, 717 1 5.11 photo
Ch. Euston collection 1 Number of pellets uncertain photo